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Smartphone: Apple's New iPhone XS MAX

 IPhone XS MAX : Newly discovered

Features of the iPhone XS Max

This Year Apple launched new iPhone of XS series let's take a look on it's features it is says that it is highest prize of any iPhone than others And with highest quality performance, they are no. 1# iPhones in the world. People are crazy about to know the special features of that newly launched iPhone XS MAX. people are curious to see the pics & prizes of this iPhone and there is no challenge in the market for this iPhone. so let's start ;

Top features of XS Max :

  • The processor : latest bionic hexa-core processor , 7nm .

  • The main camera : 12 megapixel f/1.8 primary camera.

  • Front-facing true depth camera : 7-megapixel f/2.2 sensor.

  • True tone, wide-color display: ( 157.56 * 77.40*7.70 (h*w*t)) and weight is 208.00 grams.

  • A quality and quicker face ID system.

  • Faster wireless charging.

  • Dual-SIM support.

  • Stereo audio recording.

  • Better stereo speaker. 

  • 6.5 inch display : resolution 1242 by 2688 pix at a ppl of of 458 pixels inch. 

  • Operating. System : iOS 12.

  • Pricing according to memory :

  1. $ 1,099 (69 GB)
  2. $ 1,249 (256 GB)
  3. $ 1,449 (512 GB)

  • Pics of iPhone XS Max:

Iphone XS Max special features
Both iPhone in black colors collection.

Features of iPhone XS Max
             Collection in white color.

Top 10 Bpo & call center interview questions with answers

Top frequently asked questions its answers in bpo and call center industry.

                          Call center employees

Friends call center & bpo jobs are getting more attention during this lockdown cause we can work from home also and their is no need of any field visit  here are most frequently asked questions in bpo industry. it does not matter what you actually speak in front of the interviewer, they just check your language fluency and convenience skill in bpo sector, they ask your personal response on particular topic, so be prepared and you have to give a proper answer.

  1. Tell me about your self ??

Answer : thank you for giving me this golden opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Amit s. Wanjari I have completed from Nagpur board. I have completed ms-cit diploma as well. I am from Mumbai there are three members in my family those are my mother, brother and I my father passed away last year they were a middle school teacher my mother works in radhakrishna hospital, my brother works in hotel industry.
I would be very glad to tell you what actually my hobbies & interests are,
  • I like to play cricket
  • I am also interested in painting
  • I am very fond of "game chess" I am master of this game .

2. Why do you want to join bpo sector ?

Answer: there are a lot of reasons that make me to join this sector it is booming industry all across the world specially in India. There are so many job opportunity in this sector such as for CSR profile, for technical support, at managerial level and many more. On the job we interact with so  many new people, globally. Our task is just
To understand there needs and give them our best of the services. I think, this job will give me a new identity in my society I will be very fortunate if i am selected for this job. I will give my best of strength to this job. I think this sector will give me the chance to enhance my knowledge & skill to fulfill my dream job.

3.what do you know about bpo sector ?

Answer: bpo is an integrated part information technology enabled services(ITES). Bpo is an acronym of business process outsourcing it means contracting of business process with another company and we can also say such as company outsource it's work to another company with the help of example in less & efficient time. Call center is a subset of bpo industry. It is a centralized office where the costumer service representative receives call from costumer service to solve their costumer problem. There are two types of call center such as inbound call center & outbound. At inbound call center CSR receives call from the costumer to solve their costumer's queries and in bound call center CSR places a call to costumer for marketing & sales purposes.

4.why should I hire you ??

Answer: I do not have so much experience about this field but I am confident that my remaining knowledge will fulfil the job criteria. More about me , I am a quick learner, I don't leave my work in improper manner, I am honest, integrated, smart working personality. If you give me the chance to work in your company, I will give my best of strength & knowledge. I am reality existed about this job profile if I am selected what kind of job I am going to do ??
I promise, will never make you disappoint form my work.

5.where do you want yourself after 5 years letter ?

Answer: after 5 years letter. I want to be on higher level post in this company where I am giving my best of strength to my company, same time company will look at me as I am good asset for it I wish to be with full knowledge of bpo industry after 5 years letter also with best communication and good convenience skill.

6.tell me about your strengths and weaknesses

Answer: my strengths are

  • I am honest, integrated, smart working person.
  • I am quick learner.
  • I don't give up my work in improper manner.
And my weaknesses are
  • I have a bad hand writing.

7.Tell me about creativity ?

Answer: for me, time management is also a kind of creativity. If I want to give an example I will give as-  one day my father told me " your brother's wedding function is coming soon they handed me a list of 5 thosound people and gave me 3000₹ for mobile recharge my father told me to invite all 5 thosound people within 3 days I had to complete this task what I did actually  I rashly went down to my friend's house. I recorded a video clip of invitation of 30sec. And purchased voice SMS plan of 1500₹ which gave me 5000 sms-voice calls with help of computer technology I was able to send invitation to all  within half & hour, instead of calling each and everyone separately which was too time-consuming that day I saved my precious time as well as money.

8. Do you have any question for me ? (Hr question.)

Answer: yes why not,
  • Which thing do you like most about this company that inspires you more to work in this company  ?
  • According to you, which type of business problem this company is going face in next 5 years.

 9. Which thing does motivates you in your life ?

Answer : (self solve question you can give different example)

10. Talk on any free topic.

Answer : (self solve question) in this question hr gives you a topic to speak on it you have to speak on it but don't mistake At
In some higher company's there is also technical round as well as essay round so be prepare for interview .